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Let one who wants to move and convince others, first be convinced and moved themselves. If a person speaks with genuine earnestness the thoughts, the emotion and the actual condition of their own heart, others will listen because we all are knit together.
--Thomas Carlyle

Friday, November 04, 2005


Something lovely is evolving in my life. For months and months I have intended to start attending a local Unitarian Universalist church in Palo Alto. I visited once, and the folks were warm and friendly. The community seems vibrant and active, with lots of niches where I could probably find a home. But I haven't returned, although for awhile I tried to nudge myself by writing it on my calendar. (Yeah, that's my left brain attempt at motivation.) I came close to attending on several occasions, but on the morning of the service I simply didn't.

In May I contacted my friend Lynn, an east coast blogging knitter, about resources for learning to knit. She referred me to Commuknity, as she is acquainted with Nathania, the manager. I emailed Nathania briefly and received a welcoming reply; then I put off further action. When my mother-in-law visited in August, we stopped by Commuknity to check it out. Our reception was so enthusiastic that I felt at home instantly. The women working there were eager to talk about knitting and made it sound easy. My curiosity was piqued. They welcomed me to come in anytime and offered help if I got stuck, but since I didn't know the first thing, I wanted to take a class. My schedule didn't allow this until the end of September. I took my first class, and I fell in love with knitting.

Commuknity strives to provide a physical and social space for knitters. They have many events, including a KnitLit group and "social knitting" sessions on Wednesday evenings and Sunday afternoons. I have even gone in some days when I needed to get out of the house and just sat in a comfy chair to knit. As I become involved with the craft, friendships are naturally growing from this. There's support for more than knitting here. I'm not one for large social gatherings -- I'm generally uncomfortable going alone to places where I know few people -- but tonight, I feel, will be different. There will be local artists, jewelers, locally designed knitwear and an informal fashion show. And of course there will be dessert! Because I feel so at ease with the store,the staff, and many customers, I know I'll walk into a kindred group.

In my courtship with knitting I have glimpsed how it can be a spiritual practice. People who knit are passionate about the craft, and this energy bubbles over into other parts of life. I truly do feel this might become a group where I could provide friendship and support to others in need, and to receive it as well. It fulfills my need for larger relationship without overwhelming me. Attendance at church does overwhelm, in part because there is so much going on. With knitting and the store, we focus on this one art and the rest simply and naturally emerges from it.

If you're local and free, come out tonight! The money raised will be donated to the Susan B. Komen Foundation.

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