Knit Together

Let one who wants to move and convince others, first be convinced and moved themselves. If a person speaks with genuine earnestness the thoughts, the emotion and the actual condition of their own heart, others will listen because we all are knit together.
--Thomas Carlyle

Saturday, June 03, 2006

Stocking Up

Yesterday I went into Commuknity ostensibly to pick up my receipt for the Stitch n' Pitch event, but of course I wanted to see my knitting sisters and fondle some of the wares. To my delight Nathania and Chloe were there (and I was sad not to see Emy this time). And you know I couldn't make it out of the store without indulging myself, right? The book is a great resource (if I ever get the patience to knit something bigger than scarf), and the yarn and one set of needles are dedicated to trying my hand at knitting the Little Flowers shawl. The other set of needles were selected, um, just because. You never know when you might need a size 15 36-inch circular needle!
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  • At 4:41 AM, Blogger Songbird said…

    I just received that book myself! Can't wait to look through it and find a project.


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