Knit Together

Let one who wants to move and convince others, first be convinced and moved themselves. If a person speaks with genuine earnestness the thoughts, the emotion and the actual condition of their own heart, others will listen because we all are knit together.
--Thomas Carlyle

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Step By Step

I've been so ill lately. I'm extremely fatigued. I take a shower and need to rest. I make a meal, clean the kitchen, and need to rest. I nap. I'm queasy all day long, feeling close to vomiting much of the time. But we will be moving, and we must pack. I plod through the days trying to accomplish basic picking up just to set the stage for packing. So to encourage myself, in this post (and future ones) I'm going to write about what I do accomplish.
  • I gathered magazines from all over the house -- some over 2 years old -- and put them in paper bags for recycling.
  • I gathered all my yarn supply, needles, and miscellaneous balls into the large trunk for ease of moving. The trunk is hella heavy, but we're hiring burly men to move.
  • I cleared all the housing search paperwork from the kitchen table, the floor, and various other horizontal surfaces on which they ended up since December 14.
  • I washed the sheets and towels.
  • I am now washing blankets that I use to cover the furniture so the cats have a cozy place to sleep and help manage their shedding hair.
  • I put miscellaneous Christmas supplies (cards, bows, boxes) in the garage near the storage bing for it.
  • I moved a couple of items I need to return to a friend from the desk into my car so I can drop it off.
  • I threw away an old burned out candle stub.
  • I sent a thank you to someone who mailed me a gift of art supplies and put said supplies in the garage so I can sort it all.
  • I managed to sort some of the piles on the desk and reduce them.
I thought that would be a longer list. Doesn't seem like much, but it took me several hours to finish with lots of sitting breaks. There's more to do, of course. But now I need a nap, I think!


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